Happy New Year and other tidbits

It is so hard to believe that 2012 is over. It had its share of ups and downs but happy to say, more ups!! I feel so blessed to have picked up the new lines I have and will be showcasing at several upcoming shows. (See my event tab).

I certainly hope all my customers had a good 2012. Some have said it was their toughest, few have said it was their best. Someone told me yesterday the year almost killed her! That was hard to hear as we all do everything we can to make our businesses successful. Once we do all we can, the rest is up to fate and who walks in your doors or my booth at a show.

I have done my best to connect myself with artists that will SELL. Artists that take the utmost pride in their products; that use the best components and quality craftsmanship. Most of my collections are handmade in the US which has always been a source of pride for me. Of course we also have our best selling line “Escape From Paris” but I know a great find when I see one. This has been hugely successful for us and has retailed just as well. Plus, if it has anything to do with Paris, I’m in. If you saw my house you’d understand!!

Holly Yashi has continued to be the “bread and butter” for us. Holly’s constant, unending source of new designs and imagination have made her one of the best in the business and quite frankly, the best thing that ever happened to me. I represent her with great pride.

Lenny and Eva, one of 2012’s best acquisitions is another find that I have to pinch myself over. Talk about growth!! If you haven’t brought this in yet, it’s a must. It was recommended to me by a client and I owe her big!! It fits today’s woman so well, we are all looking for some inspiration and with L and E we have found it.

With the recent retirement of longtime rep Pam Deluca, I was lucky to pick up Tara Handknits out of California. It’s fun, warm and well priced. Colorful too!! I also am happy to be working with a relatively new artist, Marcia Lydeen of Lydeen jewelry. Vintage inspired jewelry but quite different from our other best selling vintage look, Ella E. Made in Minnesota with pride!

Probably the most exciting acquisition I have made for 2013 is the fabulous line of readers, Eyebobs. It’s more fun than anything I’ve seen in ages. Reading glasses don’t have to be the kind you buy in the drugstore – they can be fun, colorful and prescription quality. Your customers can buy them as readers or for a fun extra pair of prescription eyeglasses without the price tag of typical frames. They also make polarized sunglasses and sunglass readers!! Why get crows feet when you’re out reading by the pool?