Heading up to Michigan!

It’s been several years since I attended a trade show in Michigan and decided this is a good time to return. The state of the state is improving and my lines are as well!

The last time I was in Michigan the show was in Troy. Now it’s back in Livonia and is supposed to be great. I am looking forward to exhibiting in a new venue and hope to meet and gain new clients. Detroit has been through it’s share of tough times.

In a recent article seen in the Atlanticcities.com, excitement is evident regarding the uprising and ecomonic improvement being seen in the city. When a once thriving city has a population drop higher than New Orleans after Katrina, something needs to be done. And it has.

I am glad to be visiting the city and feel in a way that I will be contributing to some of its growth! Boutiques, gift shop and hospital gifts shops are typical of who attend these shows and with luck, by selling them some of my lines, they will become more profitable. I hope it will be a win win for both of us!

Look for me at The Embassy Suites in Livonia, September 9, 10 in room 431. My lines ca be seen at www.chelsco.com.

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