Rachel Marie

Rachel Marie Designs began when she was twelve. Her mom owned a boutique; fashion and sparkle were all around. Her mother would frequently go on buying trips. She would know that Rachel had been playing with some plastic beads and making little stretchy bracelets for both of them and would ask if she could sell the bracelets at her store. Her mother would say, “Not this one, but if you make it more like this, I might be able to.” She started to bring home crystal and freshwater pearls. Quality materials made the difference and everything started to fall into place. Working on whatever pieces whenever Rachel could, she soon had a nice collection to sell from. Her mom set up a Trunk Show at her store where she sold 39 pieces of handmade jewelry.

The line has been consistently changing over the years and has had great mentors to help guide along the way. But her mother has been a consistent help and encourager.

New pieces are added each season to make a complete collection of jewelry that is wearable day-to-night and allows the wearer to have a timeless piece of art.